So we don’t have a debt crisis, and never did. Why did everyone important seem to think otherwise? To be fair, there has been some real good news about the long-run fiscal prospect, mainly from health care. But it’s hard to escape the sense that debt panic was promoted because it served a political purpose — that many people were pushing the notion of a debt crisis as a way to attack Social Security and Medicare. And they did immense damage along the way, diverting the nation’s attention from its real problems — crippling unemployment, deteriorating infrastructure and more — for years on end.

The deficit crisis is fake. (via salon)

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Sunday news shows are finally starting to cover climate changeafter nine senators called for more global warming reporting on those shows. 

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) stated that the Sunday shows are important not only “because they talk to millions of people, but they go beyond that by helping to define what the establishment considers to be important and what is often discussed during the rest of the week.”


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I was covering Ronald Reagan at that time. He was in Santa Barbara at his ranch when that happened, and quite frankly he didn’t want to leave. And his advisers realized how terrible this looked, and eventually persuaded him he had to fly back to Washington and had to give this speech to the nation, but it did take him four days.

Fox host Chris Wallace corrects Fox News’ repeated romanticization of Reagan’s response to a Soviet attack on a Korean airliner in 1983.